Granny to the rescue!

Last updated:17/09/07

Download: Windows Binary(+sources) - Source Only version

Game made for the 2007 Speedhack.

Brief description:

About the Game

You have kidnapped Chuck Norris, his granny won't let you get away with this! After calling all her friends the granny marches towards your Dark Tower with the clear intention to destroy it, free his nephew and kill you. Of course you can't let this happen and defenses are being prepared...

How to Play

At the beggining you will have to place your special tiles. To do so simply click on the tile (they are on the right of the screen) you wish to place and then click on a space on the map where you want it to be. Tiles with arrows are self explained, the _blue_ circle will REPULSE enemys (even when not directly on top), the _golden_ circle will attract them. Remember that if a granny walks OUT of the map (top or bottom) she is dead.

When you're happy click on START (lower right). After the dialogues the grannies will start rushing towards you're energetic shield. If they reach it they will damage it (if given time it will regenerate), if they destroy it it's game over. If you left-click on the map you can send flamestrikes on the poor ladies ;-) If you resist for enough time you pass the level. (and can humiliate Chuck Norris and his granny)

Note: each flamestrike lowers your score, to get a high score you need to kill the grannies pushing them out the map using the special tiles.


The grass and cliff tiles are taken from the rpg maker RTP, so are the flaming animations (even though i hand edited it a bit) and the evil avatar.
The old woman avatar is taken from the web, so is Chuck Norris's face. The MIDI and the sound effects where downloaded from the web. The author has nothing against Chuck Norris or his grandmother (on the contrary!) and the whole game concept is a joke; we all know Chuck Norris can't be imprisoned, he can roundhouse-kick his way through any building material, even solid stone or plate steel. ;-) [joke originally by Neil Black]

SpeedHack Rules

#Genre requirements
You are a Dark Lord who has captured and imprisoned Chuck Norris in your dungeons, 'nough said. ;-)

#Technical requirements
->Radius of Influence
Attractive and repulsive magnetic tiles, which heavily influence the gameplay.

->Get a Grip.
At the beggining of the level YOU choose which type of terrain the attackers will have to walk on.
Each tile type has different characteristics.

->Ratio, Respect!
Disregarded by the Act of Generosity

#Artistic requirements
->Reverse Stereotypes
A bunch of gap-toothed grannies are going to rescue Chuck Norris ^^

You chit-chat with the old hog and Chuck Norris

Here you can find some screenshots (click on the thumbnails to enlarge):

Screenshot n.1 Screenshot n.2 Screenshot n.3